Argyle Band Boosters

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the Marching Band Season start and when does it end?

We all want to take a long summer break. The band camp normally starts around 2nd/3rd week of July. When you sign up for the band, make sure you check the summer camp schedule in the band packet so you can schedule your summer trip accordingly. Marching season ends when our football team ends their season or our last competition in November.

2. How much is the band fee?

Please check the band packet. You can make payments on the Booster Hub Store link.

3. How is the band fee being used and where is the fundraiser money going?

Band Fee: Summer Band Fee (Supplies, Clinicians, Instruction, Masterclasses, Transportation, etc.), Food Fee (Game Day Food and Contest Food), Marching Show Fee (Contest fees, Travel, Bus, Clinicians, Props, Food for games and contests, and other items needed for the competition show), Returning Member Uniform Fee (Performance Jacket, Compression Shirt, Compression Shorts, Show Shirt, Black Socks, White Socks, Marching Gloves, Uniform Cleaning), White Marching Shoes (Only for students who need a new pair), Marching Shoes (Only for students who need a new pair)

Fundraiser: 2024-2025 fundraiser will go towards the Bands of America Grand National Championships in November.

4. My child is renting a school instrument. Where do I need to pay?

Please sign in and pay from here: 

5. How do I pay for the Band Registration Fee?

Please go to the BoosterHub Store and click Store under "Registrations".

6. How can I find out the band schedule for the entire season?

Please check the BoosterHub calendar or Band Calendar. Also be sure to open the Itineraries Folder for details.

7. Where can I find more details about football games and competitions?

Each week, you will receive an e-mail with the daily practice schedule, Friday game, and competition itinerary. BoosterHub calendar also includes event details. 

8. Do I need to buy tickets to watch competitions?

Yes. you need to purchase a ticket for games and competitions. Sometimes volunteers get wristbands. Please check with your volunteer leader.

9. Who do I contact with questions about the Band Boosters?

Please send an e-mail to

10. I'm not getting any e-mails from the BoosterHub. What do I do?

Please send an e-mail to

11. Where is a good shop for instrument repairs?

UNT Instrument Repair Shop:

Bell’s Music Shop, Inc.:

12. What time should I pick up my child when it’s AWAY game?

Estimate pick-up time will be on the itinerary or will be communicated through the BoosterHub and Parents of Argyle Band FB page.


13. I signed up to volunteer, now what?

You can find an opportunity by clicking Volunteer Opportunity on our calendar.


14. How do I become a sponsor?

Please go to: under Sponsorships for more details or contact VP of Fundraising.


15. What is a Section Parent?

Each musical section of the band has a section parent who is committed to being a trusted resource for all our band and guard families! They are your first stop in answering all your band FAQs and can connect you with the right person should you need more information or assistance. If you are interested in serving any open positions or volunteering in the future, please email


16. Where do I find the Background Check form?

Please go to: for forms.

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